“You’ve been listening to Marty Nelson sing to you for more than thirty years . . .

You just never knew it!” 


As a freelance New York City vocalist, Marty has sung on more than 2,000 commercials, Live Concerts, TV Broadcasts, Movies, Albums and Cartoons. 


Marty began his music career as a founding member of the original Manhattan Transfer (on Capitol Records). He also did vocal arrangements for Bette Midler’s debut album. He then moved on to compose and produce for Lifesong Records in the early 1970s. There, he co-produced the first album of the acclaimed progressive rock group “Crack the Sky” (Rolling Stone lists that album as one of the “50 best progressive albums of all times”). Marty also did the classic, cult favorite album, “Spiderman – Rock Reflections of a Superhero”.  But by the mid-1970s, although he loved producing music, Marty realized he really missed singing it. 


So, he changed his focus to becoming a freelance singer in New York City. And by the late 1970s, he was known throughout the network of record producers, jingle writers and vocal contractors as a “go-to” talent, who could offer a variety of singing styles and on-the-spot vocal arrangements quickly and professionally. 


Marty has sung on commercials for Coke, Pepsi, Heineken, General Tire, McDonald’s, Folgers, I Love New York, and many more. He has performed as a background singer for dozens of artists, from Jim Croce to The Village People to Frank Sinatra. He performed for many live broadcasts, including The Grammys. Miss America and The Super Bowl. He also contributed his character voices to cartoons created by Rankin-Bass and Bill Plympton. His favorite recording session was with Leonard Bernstein- for PBS Great Performances - singing the part of Diesel for Bernstein's "West Side Story". 


“I love being in the studio, singing for so many different marvelous writers and performers,” says Marty. But, after decades of doing his best while singing other people’s music, Marty also wanted the opportunity to fulfill another life-long dream . . . to sing an album of his own music. It has taken ten years for Marty to create this album. He gathered music friends from all over the country to contribute their talents to this "Old School" album (meant to be heard from beginning to end).


 “Time Comes. Time Goes” is about life’s experiences and emotions.   Marty’s melodies flow easily, like a conversation with a close friend, while his lyrics speak directly and honestly to us all.